·  Western State University College of Law

· Los Angeles College of Chiropractic

· Orthopedic Residency Program

· Fellowship MUA (Manipulation under Anesthesia)

· Nominated for Outstanding Intern Award, L.A. College of Chiropractic

· Research in the area of non-surgical treatment of “Disc Disease/Herniation” for Chattanooga Corporation, Published results and lectured.

· Diplomate National Board of Chiropractic

· In Practice for over 20 years




· Certified Medical Examiner Department of Transportation (NRCME)

· Certified Disability Evaluator, C.C.A.

· Certified Industrial Disability Examiner, C.C.A.

· Founding Member of the American College of Orthopedic Medicine

· Advisor to attorneys, judges and insurance companies

· State of California Licensed X-ray supervisor and operations


Former positions Held;

· Independent Medical Examiner, For the State of California

· Medical Examiner for WCAB, (appointed by the state of California)

· Clinical Administer L.A. College of Chiropractic

· Faculty Member L.A. and Parker College of Chiropractic,

· Taught in the Clinical Science Department for L.A.C.C.

· Wrote the clinic intern manual, L.A. College of Chiropractic

· Lectured nation wide for the American Chiropractic Association in the areas of physical therapy and Clinical Management of Disk Disease.

· Research assistant UCLA Neuro-psychiatric institute brain research division

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