¨ Chiropractic and Law School Training


¨ Over 20 Years Experience


¨ Orthopedic Training


¨ MUA ( Manipulation Under Anesthesia, CA)


¨ Distraction Therapy


¨ Former Medical Examiner (For The State Of California)


¨ Former Clinic Administrator (LACC)


¨ Formal Faculty Member (LACC and Parker College of Chiropractic)


¨ Medical Expert (Numerous Depositions And Trial Experience)


¨ Medical Reports Legally Orientated


¨ Modern, Well Equipped, Physiotherapy Treatment Facility


¨ All Billings CPT Fee Schedule


¨ X-Ray, MRI, CT Scan, Electro Diagnostic Testing, Medical Consultations, Vascular Studies, Computerized Neuro-Muscular Evaluation, Available


¨ Non-surgical Approach To Orthopedic Problems


¨ Liens Available


¨ AMA Impairment Ratings


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Phone: (928)  680-1123

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