Text Box: The following is a list of modalities that Dr. Finkle uses in his practice. Each modality has a specific physiological response used for treating different conditions.  Based upon your diagnosis/condition, the appropriate modality will be prescribed.

Paraffin bath has been used widely for the treatment of stiff joints and osteoarthritis conditions. it is a pleasant modality with very little side effects

Amerx unit which produces both Russian stem and interdifferential current. Its effects have been discussed previously.†

Text Box: This is a Mettler unit which contains the ability to do   Ultrasound, Faradic, Sine wave, and direct current.

This is an ever read heating lamp used to increase circulation, and help relax muscles. All patients receiving some form of heat therapy during treatment.

Is a mechanical massage device which has the ability to do deep penetration.† It is used in a variety conditions to relax muscle. it also increases circulation by histamine release

Paraffin bath

Infrared heating

Faradic Current

Russian stim

G5 massager

† Physical Medicine Modalitys

This is another highly specialized waveform that is used to stimulate acupuncture and Meridian points. It is effectively used to treat a number of conditions by stimulating those points. From headaches to menstrual cramps.


Muti-fuctional Unit

†This unit contains, ultrasound heads, high-voltage galvanic, Sine wave, and a number of other waveforms.† Itís is just another tool in Dr. Finkleís arsenal.

Muti-fuctional Unit

†This unit contains, a number of wave forms.† Itís is just another tool in Dr. Finkleís arsenal.

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