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Ultrasound has been around for a long time.  It is used both to diagnose as well as treat.  Diagnostics the frequency is different, but the technology is the same. Sound waves into the body to be reflected back to create an image. In treatment, the sound waves enter the body a much lower frequency, and generate a physiological response. This response includes, increase circulation, tissue heating, and phonophresis ( the ability to push a substance into the tissue),  at the appropriate settings, research has shown it improves wound healing.   It has a number of contraindications, but is a widely used modality.



Dr. Finkle uses the unit for the following conditions


· Reduce Inflammation

· Wound Healing, (post surgical)

· Increase Circulation

· Break up Superficial Calcification Of Ligament Structures

· Carpal tunnel syndrome

· Tarsal tunnel syndrome

· Sub acute sprain strains




This is a multifunctional unit by Chattanooga Corporation.  It contains an ultrasound unit.

Combined unit from Chattanooga