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Text Box: The following is a list of modalities that Dr. Finkle uses in his practice. Each modality has a specific physiological response used for treating different conditions.  Based upon your diagnosis/condition, the appropriate modality will be prescribed.

This is the Chattanooga unit. It is a computer that can generate all forms of EMS. The unit can  be a generalist, as well as, a specialist. 

This is a Mettler unit which contains the ability to do Iontophoresis. It also generates a number of other way forms.

This is another unit by Chattanooga that is multifunctional and contains an ultrasound unit.  Ultrasound is  high-frequency sound waves used both to diagnose as well as treat.

This is a Amerax unit. It produces a number of different types of pulses. Sine wave has been the workhorse of EMS and can be found in virtually most machines.




Russian stim


Physical Medicine Modalitys

DynaWave has a highly specialized waveform. It is uniquely specific for decreasing pain and breaking muscle spasm.